21st-century virtues and vices: collecting stories from the field

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Afbeelding Philip

Conspicuous productivity

by Philip Muijtjens, PhD candidate in History of Art at the University of Cambridge No-one will disagree that productivity is a high virtue in academia. One outcome of this, however,…
dirk van miert2

De zonde der onzichtbaarheid

by Dirk van Miert, Associate Professor of Early Modern Cultural History at Utrecht University, specialized in the history of knowledge “Ze mag wel wat zichtbaarder zijn.” Het was een veelgehoord…
arnoud visser

Hypercriticism, or the spectre of Momus

by Arnoud Visser, Professor of Textual Culture in the Renaissance in the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication of Utrecht University In the history of knowledge the gadfly, at first…
Edurne de Wilde

The ‘search’ in ‘research’

by Edurne de Wilde, PhD candidate at Scholarly Vices: A Longue Durée History I recently came across an intriguing essay by Joost de Vries, titled Echte pretentie (‘True pretension’).[1] De…