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Mingqi Kuang joins the Scholarly Vices team

For the coming year, Mingqi Kuang (Beijing Normal University) will be part of the Scholarly Vices project as a visiting PhD Scholar. Mingqi is excited about visiting Leiden University and joining the team: “It’s my great pleasure to visit Leiden University, which has a Longue Durée History in oriental studies. During my time in Leiden, I will do historical research on twentieth-century studies on Zhang Xuecheng, a complicated and highly interesting Chinese scholar. My project — titled “The Production of Knowledge and its Value: Research on Zhang Xuecheng in the 20th Century” — tries to figure out how previous scholars produced and applied knowledge about Zhang in various contexts. As the concept of scholarly virtues and vices provides a conceptual tool to understand how scholars evaluate scholarly work, I’m convinced that being part of this project will aid me to further develop my studies of Zhang.”

Mingqi has been in Leiden for a month now, and already shared the promising preliminary results of his research project with the rest of the group: “During my first month in Leiden, I’ve felt very at ease and pleasant. Herman and his team have made me feel very welcome in their scholarly community, and we’ve had great discussions about the aims and structure of my PhD project. I’m looking forward to conversations on some further details of my project, and to hear more about the work of the other members of the group.”