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Dogmatism in the 19th century: “Denial of Coevalness”

Caroline Schep (research assistant in the Scholarly Vices project from 2020 to 2022) published an article entitled “Denial of Coevalness: Charges of Dogmatism in the Nineteenth-Century Humanities.” Co-authored with Herman Paul, the article examines how and why philosophers and Biblical scholars in 1860s Germany accused each other of dogmatism. One of the study’s key findings is that dogmatism had strong connotations of backwardness: being dogmatic amounted to being old-fashioned, pre-critical, and unscientific. The article appeared in History of European Ideas 48, no. 6 (2022) and can be read in open access at the publisher’s website:

David Friedrich Strauss, author of Der alte und der neue Glaube