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Sociability on the spectrum between academic virtue and vice

by Anne Por, PhD candidate at Scholarly Vices: A Longue Durée History It is widely agreed that it is good to be social. Social people supposedly create a good working atmosphere, and it is clearly beneficial to have a good network. Vacancies generally list requirements dealing with social conduct and applicants are expected to elaborate on their social competences. Grants are awarded to those who are seen as capable of… Read More »Sociability on the spectrum between academic virtue and vice

21st-century virtues and vices: collecting stories from the field

How are academics molded by the institutions in which they work? What do teaching and mentoring do with the kind of persons we are? How does competition for money or status affect our mental habits? What kind of conduct do 21st-century universities encourage (e.g., by rewarding it) or discourage? In short, what are typically 21st-century academic virtues and vices? These are central questions for a series of guest columns on… Read More »21st-century virtues and vices: collecting stories from the field

Driburger Kreis Conference

On the 23rd of September, project member Anne Por gave a talk at the conference of Driburger Kreis, which had ‘Toxikalität’ as a theme this year. Anne spoke about ‘Hodegetik: A Way of Warning Students about ‘Toxic’ Scholarly Habits, 1700-1900′. Read more about the conference at:

Inaugural address

Herman Paul’s inaugural address as Professor of the History of the Humanities at Leiden University will take place on January 15, 2021, 4:15pm. Attendance in the Academy Building will be limited, due to Covid-19, but a livestream will be available. In his address, Paul will use the case of “critical thinking” to illustrate how a longue durée, comparative history of the humanities might look like – and what we can… Read More »Inaugural address

Project presentation

Four members of the ‘Scholarly Vices’ project will present their projects at the Scientiae conference 2021. The conference will take place at the University of Amsterdam, from 9-12 June 2021. More information can be found at

Scholarly Virtues and Research Integrity

On 3 December 2020, Herman Paul will give a talk on “Virtues and Vices in 21st-Century Academia: Historical and Research Ethical Perspectives” at the (online) annual symposium of the Netherlands Research Integrity Network. For more information, see

Video interview about the project

What happens when you are a graduate student writing a thesis on how graduate students in the past were advised to write a thesis? Or how can you examine virtues of scholarly inquiry without pretending that you possess all those virtues yourself? Herman Paul comments on these and other fascinating aspects of the “Scholarly Vices” project in a video interview with the Huizinga Institute:

National Survey on Research Integrity

In October 2020, a large survey on research integrity was launched in the Netherlands. As member of the steering committee, Herman Paul shared his expectations of the survey in an English-language interview at

Academische deugden in tijden van corona

Door Herman Paul Dit voorjaar moest het er dan eindelijk van komen. Ik zou mijn dikwijls uitgestelde boek over deugden en ondeugden in de negentiende-eeuwse geschiedwetenschap gaan afmaken. Ik zou mijn kamerdeur achter me sluiten, mijn fotokopieën erbij pakken en een paar maanden ijverig gaan schrijven. Eind augustus, was mijn plan, zou er een manuscript liggen dat uitlegt waarom negentiende-eeuwers zulke uitgesproken ideeën hadden over de deugden die historici in… Read More »Academische deugden in tijden van corona

De waarde van weerbaarheid

Door Anne Por In Floris Cohens pamflet De ideale universiteit staan universitaire waarden en academische vorming centraal. Cohen ziet veel heil in de universiteit als waardegemeenschap: een goedbedoeld, maar ook gevaarlijk uitgangspunt. Want zijn die waarden een wondermiddel of is er meer nodig? Anne Por betoogt dat het zaak is om lering trekken uit de lange geschiedenis van universitaire waardevorming – misstanden en wangedrag incluis. In De ideale universiteit betoogt… Read More »De waarde van weerbaarheid